What are the Top New Baking Trends for 2014?

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What are the Top New Baking Trends for 2014?
Published at 15 Apr 2014

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Now that we’re well into 2014, we can start to look at the baking trends that have taken the world of home cooking and beyond by storm.  What are the top baking trends you should be looking to play around and experiment with this year, particularly if you’re looking to impress guests or visitors to your home?

Simple and Natural

For many years, the world of baking has been about who can make the most exquisite and intricate designs.  We’ve seen decorative cakes in a variety of colours in all shapes and sizes.

At the same time, in the wider food world there has been a big shift towards using organic and natural ingredients.  This is set to hit the world of baking in 2014, with natural ingredients meaning we see a bigger number of neutral coloured cakes and a particular eye on rustic bakingmethods.

Choux Pastry

Choux pastry has always been seen as notoriously difficult to create to perfection, even among experienced bakers who have been playing around with pastry for many years.  The love of experimentation within baking in the modern era means that novice bakers are now among the first to lay down the choux challenge for themselves.  Instead of running scared of the more complex foods, novices will embrace the opportunity to create choux pastry recipes, creating classics like chocolate eclairs but also coming up with their own unique foods.

There are plenty of videos available online that will help you get started with creating tasty choux pastry.

Weird and Wonderful

Despite the return of baking to natural ingredients and an old traditional favourite in choux pastry, it still stands that experimentation and the downright weird and wonderful will be in vogue throughout the rest of 2014.

It isn’t the case that just making anything will be considered “trendy,” however, bakers will need to take a classic recipe and put their own slant on it.  We’re thinking loaves and cakes turned into roulades, traditional puddings turned into pies, personalised puddings prepared and baked in individual serving tins, and lots of playing around with fillings and toppings.  Standard sponge cakes might still be tasty, but they’re definitely out for 2014!

“Technical” Recipes

Okay, so while the return to natural ingredients and keeping it simple is something to be celebrated, we have to admit that there will still be plenty of call for intricate designs and what might be considered “technical” recipes.

As with choux pastry creation, bakers of all levels of experience and confidence can find an array of baking tips online – videos are usually the best resource of all – and empower themselves when it comes to making their favourite recipes.

Look for funky icing designs, stand out drizzle patterns, and the use of glazing to make such recipes stand out from the crowd.

Do It Yourself Favourites

recent news report highlighted parents who are saving themselves a fortune by baking their own takes on traditional favourites at home, including Crunchie Bars and Oreo Cookies.  Do it yourself versions of popular baked goods and confectionary will be huge in 2014.  For this year, expect most of the recipes to be as you would find them in a wrapper, but before long the experimental trend will find its way towards jam filled Oreo’s and many more modern twists on old favourites!

What are the trends you’re most looking forward to trying out through the rest of 2014, and are there any ideas we haven’t explored here that you’re going to be using in your own baking this year?