The Top 5 Must Read Baking Books

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The Top 5 Must Read Baking Books
Published at 15 May 2014

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While the internet has become a brilliant resource to be used by baking enthusiasts in recent years, passionate bakers and cooks in general know there is nothing quite like having a great cookery book to turn to whenever you next need an inspirational recipe.

Turning the corner of a page in a book is much better than having to bookmark a website page, and you don’t mind taking a book into the kitchen, while many of us may feel nervous about having a Mac Book sitting on the side when we’re making a mess with eggs and flour.

With this in mind, we’ve picked out our top 5 must read baking books we think all aspiring bakers should have in their collection.

Mary Berry’s Baking Bible

The title of this book tells you all you need to know about its importance if you’re a baker.  It really is a must have bible, featuring in excess of 250 recipes that taste great made as written, but also that leave plenty of room for experimenting and playing around to create your own twists on Mary Berry classics.

Although the book is relatively old by modern standards, having been published in 2009, it is still seen as the definitive baker’s toolkit by many and remains a bestseller at all the top retailers.

Home Sweet Home

This book, from Hummingbird Bakery, is more modern, having been published in 2013, and is perfect for the baker who wants to experiment and make unique recipes, but wants to do so with the direction of a book rather than trying to do it themselves and risking it go wrong.

As a result, this book is not just great for cooking amazing baked recipes, but is a massive confidence builder as you start to realise that coming up with your own twist on classic cakes is actually pretty easy to do!

How to Bake

The Great British Bake Off is one of the most popular modern cookery shows on TV, andHow to Bake is the book from the star of the show, Paul Hollywood.

While you might watch the television show in awe of what is being created, this book walks you through all of the great baking recipes, including some specials from the author himself, easily and with clear instructions so you can create amazing tastes in your own home.

Ella’s Kitchen: The Big Baking Book

If you’re a parent, then it is likely that a lot of your own baking time is spent enjoying baking with your children.

If this is the case for you, then this Ella’s Kitchen book is perfect for creating healthy, child friendly baking recipes that they can get involved with creating and take a sense of pride from having done so.

Delia’s Cakes

Any rundown of great cookery books would be incomplete without a contribution from Delia Smith, and Delia’s Cakes is the one to make it onto our list.

Although this latest edition was published in 2013, it is actually a revamped version of the original Delia’s Book of Cakes, which first hit bookshelves in 1977.  This latest edition contains many of the classics from back then, while also adding in a healthy dose of modern twists and ideas that will give you hours of joy from being in the kitchen.