Top 5 Ideas for Baking a Children’s Cake

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Top 5 Ideas for Baking a Children’s Cake
Published at 17 Jun 2014

Football Birthday Cake

Baking a children’s cake for a birthday or other special occasion is one of the easiest yet most rewarding gifts you can make. Parents have a large variety of cake styles and models to choose from, so some time should be spent determining what type of cake would be the best for the child. The following blog shall detail on the top 5 ideas for baking a children’s cake, but plenty more can be found elsewhere on our site and within our blog.  

1. Sports Cakes

Sports cakes are great ideas for children of all ages, and parents have a variety of types of caketo choose from. The cake can be shaped like a football, basketball or any other type of ball central to the sport. Alternatively, parents can bake a cake in the style of a sports jersey and decorate it with icing styled in the name of the child and their playing number. In addition to this, parents can also bake cakes in the shape of a particular sports playing field i.e. a football pitch with green icing for grass and edible goalposts.

2. Character Cakes

Character cakes are always popular with children, and again parents have a large selection of characters to base the style and model of the cake on. Disney related cakes are popular with younger children, while older children love cakes made in the image of their favourite characters from cartoons, video games and television shows.

3. Animal Cakes

All children love animals, so what better way to surprise them then with a cake that has been made and baked in the image of their favourite animal. Parents can choose from simple cake styles such as snakes, or go for more complex cakes like lions. This is a great way to truly surprise your child with a cake they will love. Readers can find some ideas for animal cakes here.

4. Toy Cakes

Toy cakes are standard cakes that include a toy as part of the decorative feature. If the cake isbeing baked for a birthday then is a great way to include part of the present with the cake. Popular ideas include railway cakes featuring a toy train, or princess’s castle cakes with toy princesses.

5. Number Cakes

Number cakes are a classic style loved by people of all ages, and are especially ideal for younger children who are beginning to learn how to count. The cake is typically decorated with large icing numbers representing the child’s age, but there are plenty of styles you can try out with different number sizes and fonts.


When it comes to choosing a style of cake to bake for a child, parents will find that they have a large selection to choose from. The best thing to do is identify something the child loves and incorporate it into the cake. This is a great way to make a delicious treat that is full of fun.

If you’re not the baking type yourself, then you can always check out our website and see the range of birthday cakes we are able to provide for you.