Top 5 Baking Items

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Top 5 Baking Items
Published at 30 Apr 2014

When we think about home baking, we think about how much fun we can have creating various recipes, as well as how we’re going to take recipes that we’re familiar with and add our own ingredients to create a totally new taste sensation.  If you’re just getting started with baking, then you probably have a handful of ideas for things you’d love to create already.  After all, who hasn’t eaten a cake or a muffin and sat wondering how great it would taste if one of the ingredients was swapped out for something else?

Before you get started, you need to do the boring bit.  We’ve said the boring bit, but if you find a great online store or shop somewhere like Lakeland, you can have loads of fun.  Of course, we’re talking about buying the equipment you need to make your baking visions a reality. Baking being a modern trend means you can always find stylish equipment and accessories to take into your kitchen.

Here are the top 5 baking items you should be looking to purchase.

1. Measuring Spoons and Cups

You already know that the secret to great baking is ensuring that you get the ingredients just right.  Even novice bakers understand that too little or too much of something, whether it’s flour, water, filling or flavouring, can turn an otherwise perfect recipe into an unmitigated disaster.

Make sure you have plenty of measuring spoons and cups so you’re not worrying about having to wash up while you’re focusing on creating something magical.

2. Mixing Bowls

When you have the correct measures of ingredients, you then need to know what to do with them.  Having a mixing bowl is a good place to start, and again you have every opportunity to get stylish and add some colour to your cooking.  Most retailers will have ones that match the measuring spoons and cups you bought, but you can also opt for something like a Mason Cash bowl or a full “Chef’s Set” of glass or stainless steel bowls.

3. Cake Mixers

The biggest question many people ask themselves when it comes to baking is whether they use a whisk or invest in a cake mixer.  The truth is that you should have both, as not everything requires the intensity of a cake mixer, but we’ve added this to the list as a means to inspire you to buy one.

You don’t need to spend a small fortune on a top of the range Kitchen Aid or Kenwood appliance, but you should at least have a handheld power whisk at your disposal.

4. Bakeware

Notice that we’ve called this Bakeware.  We haven’t called it cake tins or applied another description.  This is because you need to be sure you buy the necessary equipment to allow you to bake anything, whenever you want to, whether it’s a loaf, cupcakes, or anything else.

5. Wire Cooling Racks

Although this piece of baker’s kit does what it says on the tin, they aren’t only useful for cooling, but are great for having your cakes on hand whether you want to apply icing, frosting, or any other toppings.  A wire cooling rack also helps your baked goods cool down equally and means you aren’t sitting them on a baking sheet or simply pulling them out of the oven and leaving them on the side.

Ensure these five products are all an essential part of your kit and you’ll find it easy to make all of your great ideas turn into brilliant baked goods.