The Top 10 Easter Baking Ideas

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The Top 10 Easter Baking Ideas
Published at 15 Apr 2014

Easter Bunny Box of 4 Cupcakes


Easter is fast approaching, and if you have children you’ve probably grown tired already of being asked whether they can have their Easter eggs early or finding out where the nearest Easter egg hunt is taking place during the school holidays.

While Easter is a fun time for everyone, you don’t have to venture outside or have Easter eggs on hand every day.  Getting into the kitchen, whether alone or with your partner and the kids, gives you great opportunities to have loads of Easter fun.  Here is a rundown of our favourite 10 Easter baking ideas that you’ll find easy to create this year.

1. Bunny Carrot Cake

Sweet, decadent, and perfect for Easter, if you don’t mind eating sticky sponges – not to mention tidying up after the children have indulged themselves – then this is the recipe for you.  The great thing about the Bunny Carrot Cake is you can play around with ingredients and even come up with your own twist, although remember it then won’t be a Bunny Carrot Cake!  You can find a great recipe for this dish from BBC Good Food here.

2. Hot Cross Buns

You can go and buy these in droves at the supermarkets, and at great prices, too, but where’s the fun in doing that?  Instead of buying hot cross buns, you can have loads of fun making your own, and this is a big recipe for being able to add your own fillings, toppings, and flavours.

That said, the recipe we recommend you use is one from Delia Online, which is around 20 years old, proving that sometimes the older and more traditional methods remain the best!

As a final added twist, why not make honey butter or something similar to make your homemade hot cross buns even more tasty and original.

3. Hot Cross Pudding

While this might sound like an extension of the above suggestion, it is more a twist on traditional bread and butter pudding, and another tasty recipe you’ll find at BBC Good Food.  If your hot cross buns, homemade or otherwise, aren’t being eaten, then have some fun and make a pudding from them instead.  The only thing you need to decide is whether to go for a lemon curd, a chunky marmalade or preserve, or something altogether different.  Have fun with different fillings for different layers, too!

4. Chocolate Nests

Simple chocolate recipes are always fun to make and always seem to be the thing that children love the most.  This great recipe from Tesco uses  Shredded Wheat breakfast cereal to ensure you get the nest effect, rather than trying to do so using Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies, both traditional simple chocolate recipe staples.

5. Rice Krispie Chick

Back to Good Food for our next recipe, which is a brilliant alternative to the traditional RiceKrispie cake if you want to be a little daring in your baking.  Chocolate Krispie Chick is a wonderful creation that might look complicated but is great fun for children and adults to create alike.  If you have a cheeky entrepreneurial side, you might even love to make several of these and try selling them to the neighbours or to friends!

6. Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

Obviously, we’re not about to sit here and say that you shouldn’t think about creating your own “normal” cupcakes, but if you want to have some fun and do something different for Easter then you could do a lot worse than deciding to experiment with chocolate fudge cupcakes.  Granted, these are usually far more decadent than your standard cakes, and as such you probably need to ensure only one cake per child is on view.

If you’re looking to spoil yourself, or you simply want to have fun with your toppings, then a chocolate fudge cupcake is a great Easter bake!

7. Easter Cupcake Nests

You’ve made your Shredded Wheat chocolate nests; it is now time to go back to tradition and make a yummy cupcake complete with an Easter twist.  These cupcakes aren’t anything out of the ordinary in terms of the cake mix itself, but the difference comes with the fluffy iced topping and chicks, the latter of which you can make using mini eggs.

This is another recipe that you can experiment with, but it’s something we’d just leave well alone and love exactly as it is!

If you want to go further than cupcakes, you can use this recipe to create one big cake for the whole family to share.  Don’t forget to send us a piece!

8. Easter Egg Biscuits

Biscuits are the perfect confectionary to make with children, as even if it goes a little wrong you still have dough that you can throw in the oven and turn into something!  It isn’t as if the kids will be able to tell the difference, anyway!

The only thing that might put you off is that they usually take some time to prepare, but if you’re looking to keep the kids occupied for a couple of hours – and they won’t play up in the meantime – this is a definite winner.  Use this customer recipe at if you need some inspiration.

9. Easter Rice Pie

The best recipe for Easter Rice Pie is this one from, which gives you enough to make two pies, meaning you can feed your family and any guests with ease.  No sitting around wistfully watching others eat your tasty creation because there wasn’t enough to go around!

Definitely a recipe if you’ve managed to send the kids to a holiday club for the day and you have a few hours to spare.

10. Easter Eggs

We started talking about Easter eggs, so fittingly that’s where we’ll end, too.  These Easter Eggideas from will give you some brilliant options for making customised Easter eggs, although how your children will feel about receiving something homemade and not getting the latest Easter egg from Marvel or Disney might force you to reconsider!

Be sure to have fun with all of these baking ideas for Easter.  If you have any of your own, please share them with us!