Top 10 Baking Websites

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Top 10 Baking Websites
Published at 15 Apr 2014

Birthday Present Cake


One of the things that draw so many people to baking is that you have so much licence to play around and experiment.  That said, only those individuals who are supremely confident in the kitchen will be able to start creating recipes from scratch.  Thankfully, many high quality baking websites are available, which we can all use to get ideas, inspiration, and interact with other fellow bakers who share our passion for creating great tasting food.

Here are our favourite 10 baking websites we urge you to check out next time you feel inspired to get busy in the kitchen.

1. Baking Mad

We love the Baking Mad website, as it has everything you could possibly ever want to bake, from cupcakes to unique pizza bases, and everything in-between.  If you’re looking for something very specific, there is a handy search feature for finding exactly what you want, or you’re free to go through the whole site and browse until something catches your eye.  After all, the visual is often as important as the taste when it comes to food, right?

2. Bakerella

If you’re the sort of free spirit who believes that cooking and baking is all about experimenting and having fun, then Bakerella is the site for you.  You’ll get inspired to start baking and using all the ingredients in your fridge and cupboards to come up with great looking and even better tasting creations.  Whether it’s cream cheese and chocolate brownies or marzipan and icing covered cake balls, you’re certain to have loads of fun.

3. Very Best Baking

The recipes you’ll find on might seem quite advanced and hard to do, especially if you’re taken in by the pictures of the finished product!  However, the site instructs brilliantly to ensure that you can create everything on the site as well as experiment with your own alternatives.  A handy occasions section is also great if you need to undertake some fast emergency baking.

4. Joy of Baking

For those who want to find inspiration quickly then the Joy of Baking website is a great place to look.  In addition to many recipes, a great feature of the site is that it gives you a wide range of substitute ingredients, so if you want to bake now without heading to the shop to buy one thing, the chances are you’ll have something at hand you can use.  All of the recipes at are accompanied by videos, too, meaning you can see recipes being created rather than just read how to do it.

5. Baking Obsession

Baking Obsession is probably the most “no frills” website on the list, but if you like your recipes to the point and aren’t too concerned with anything else, it is definitely a site worth using.  It is laid out in a simple manner and doesn’t have masses of recipes featured on it, so you can find something fast without leaving yourself a choice of more than a handful.

6. The Pink Whisk

Baking tasty treats in general is something of an indulgent practice, but The Pink Whisk will help you to take this to a completely new level.  You might need to think about the levels of sugar you’re putting into your body given the sweet nature of everything on the site, but if you’re planning something girly or simply want something great tasting, this is the site for you.

7. Baking Bites

Another simple, to the point site, Baking Bites is a great place to visit for those who don’t take their baking too seriously and just want some fun ideas that they can play around with.  It goes beyond baking and looks at other puddings and dessert ideas, too, so a good all-round site if you don’t “just” want to bake.

8. Joy the Baker

This is a self-maintained site looked after by the aforementioned Joy.  While it doesn’t have the volume or update frequency of one of the bigger commercial sites on the list, the nature of Joy the Baker means it is easy to see the inspiration behind the recipes featured on site, all of which are practical and offer some great ideas, especially if you’re looking to save money!

9. Diana’s Desserts

While the name makes the site sound like a good all-round pudding destination similar to Baking Bites, most of the recipes featured here are in fact baking related.  The great thing aboutDiana’s Desserts is that you’ll pick up loads of tips for making dessert sauces and complements for your baked puddings, meaning you can deliver more than just a cake while doing something more advanced than a cup of custard.

10. Sally’s Baking Addiction

Sally’s Baking Addiction is a similar site to Joy the Baker, and is another great resource we recommend you target if you’re interested in simple and realistic recipes for home baking.

All of these sites are excellent places to visit if you have a passion for baking and are looking for specific recipes or for inspiration to come up with something spectacular for yourself.  Ensure they’re bookmarked and a feature of your regular “must read” list today!