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How to Make Red Icing For Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

published at 12 Feb 2014

What’s the point of making great Valentine’s Day cupcakes if you don’t have the icing and other toppings to truly make it standout and stick in the mind of your partner?

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How to Make a Heart Shaped Cupcake for Valentine’s Day

published at 11 Feb 2014

In theory, making heart shaped cupcakes sounds easy.  After all, all you need to do is buy a cupcake tin or non-paper cupcake packets that are in the shape of a heart.  That involves spending extra money, though, and given what you’re probably already spending on the special day you may not want to do this.

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How To Make Perfect Christmas Cupcakes

published at 7 Jan 2014

The great thing about making Christmas cupcakes is that the whole family can get involved, which is particularly fun for children when it comes to icing them and eating any leftover cake mix.

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