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How Much Are People Willing To Spend On Christmas Hampers?

published at 7 Jan 2014

When you have lots of friends and family members to buy Christmas gifts for, keeping your eye on how much you’re spending it of vital importance, even more so if you’re buying things like Christmas hampers.  “Only” a third of people have bought a Christmas hamper as a gift before.  While we don’t know the reasons why people haven’t bought a hamper, ... More

What Items Do People Like In Christmas Hampers?

published at 7 Jan 2014

While Christmas hampers are always a gratefully received gift, those of us who have been given one can relate to the experience of hoping that there is going to be certain things to be found inside.  Some of us have even won competitions for Christmas hampers and can feel a tinge of disappointment if they don’t contain what we really wanted.

... More

How Popular Are Christmas Hampers?

published at 7 Jan 2014

Christmas hampers are a brilliant present to give someone.  Some people dislike the idea behind hampers because they can be expensive, but we all have the choice over which hampers we want to buy, and no one said you had to get a huge one, after all.  The great thing about them is that they can potentially serve as lots of presents rolled into one, with the things within the hamper of... More

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