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How to Bake a Special Mother’s Day Cake

published at 14 Apr 2014

Everyone loves cake, and we all know that home baked are the best type!  Baking your own Mother’s Day cake is a great way to add a special touch to the day, and means the whole family can enjoy your creation after eating lunch or enjoying an afternoon tea.

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How To Create A Special Mothers Day Cake

published at 28 Feb 2014

That question is the beauty of Mother’s Day baking, in that you could decide to create anything you want.  We’ve decided to share with you a great cheesecake recipe that will enable you to create a beautiful tasting treat for Mother’s Day.  Quick, easy, and no cooking needed.  Perfect!

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How To Make A Giant Cupcake

published at 25 Feb 2014

Whoever said size doesn’t matter obviously doesn’t like cake.  Whenever you see giant cupcakes or similar products on the television or in magazines, you probably think that something magical has had to happen to make such a product a reality.  While making giant cakes does take a little extra effort, all things considered you don’t need to be a genius to do it. ... More

How To Make Tasty Cupcake Icing

published at 18 Feb 2014

What’s the point in having a great cupcake if you haven’t topped it with great icing?  Tasty icing is the perfect topping for a beautifully textured cake.  The great thing about icing is that you have loads of creative licence, too.  This means you can create icing that fits in with the flavour of the cake itself or create something with a sharp contrast.  Why no... More

The Best Ways To Find Top Baking Recipes

published at 7 Jan 2014

The popularity of baking at home is growing all the time, particularly as people get inspired to come up with their own recipe ideas and unique tastes.  Some people have even managed to turn a baking hobby into a well-earning profession.  Where are people finding the inspiration for their recipes?

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