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Top 5 Ideas for Baking a Children’s Cake

published at 17 Jun 2014

Baking a children’s cake for a birthday or other special occasion is one of the easiest yet most rewarding gifts you can make. Parents have a large variety of cake styles and models to choose from, so some time should be spent determining what type of cake would be the best for the child. The following blog shall d... More

Top Tips for Baking Perfect Cakes at Home

published at 17 Jun 2014

Baking cakes is great fun and is something many of us love to do.  Many of us fall into cake baking because we taste a cake from the coffee shop or even the supermarket and think to ourselves, “How hard can this be?”  We then get down to baking and find that, actually it is quite difficult to make perfect cakes.

The reason?More

The Top 5 Must Read Baking Books

published at 15 May 2014

While the internet has become a brilliant resource to be used by baking enthusiasts in recent years, passionate bakers and cooks in general know there is nothing quite like having a great cookery book to turn to whenever you next need an inspirational recipe.

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Top 5 Baking Myths Debunked

published at 13 May 2014

Baking is something that is perfect for purveying myths.  After all, whether you look online or in the bestselling baking books, you can always find plenty of disagreeing advice and conflicting pointers as to what you should be doing.

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Top 5 Baking Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

published at 12 May 2014

Home baking is more popular today than it has ever been.  As a result, more people than ever are creating their favourite recipes, getting them from baking books and websites as well as creating their own great tasting cakes.

... More
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