How Much Are People Willing To Spend On Christmas Hampers?

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How Much Are People Willing To Spend On Christmas Hampers?
Published at 7 Jan 2014


Dancer Extravagance Christmas Hamper

When you have lots of friends and family members to buy Christmas gifts for, keeping your eye on how much you’re spending it of vital importance, even more so if you’re buying things like Christmas hampers.  “Only” a third of people have bought a Christmas hamper as a gift before.  While we don’t know the reasons why people haven’t bought a hamper, it is likely that one reason is because we automatically attach hampers to a high price point in our minds.

How much are people willing to spend on a Christmas hamper?

Up to £50

90% of people would happily spend up to £50 on a Christmas hamper, with just under half of those happy to spend from £31 - £50.  This doesn’t necessarily tell us that people are tight, but that in fact it is possible to get high quality hampers at such a price.  Many believe buying a hamper involved parting with hundreds or even thousands of pounds, but this doesn’t have to be the case at all.

Great hampers, ones that include wines, champagnes, cupcakes, biscuits, and a variety of foods can all be found for around that price, so you shouldn’t write off hampers as a potential gift purchase.

Within this category, 22% of people would spend up to £20 on a hamper, and 27% from £21 - £30.

Above £50

9% of people would spend over £50 on a Christmas hamper, but only go up to around £75.  Generally, people are unwilling to spend any more than this.  Again, it has to be said that you don’t need to!  Hampers are a typical example of something that we price mythically and believe that quality is only available if we go over the top and spend a small fortune.

Types of Christmas Hampers

You can find excellent small hampers from as little as £9, which is a great example of how price shouldn’t matter if you want to buy such a Christmas gift.  Christmas hampers will typically feature seasonal treats such as tree and snowman shaped biscuits and chocolate, but you can also get non-festive ones that also work as great gifts, including wine, food, and cupcake hampers.