Advantages of Making Your Own Cupcakes

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Advantages of Making Your Own Cupcakes
Published at 28 Apr 2014


The popularity that cupcakes have enjoyed in recent months can definitely be considered a craze.  We are way past the point where we’d be calling it a fad; it’s very clear that the love for cupcakes is such that it is here to stay.  When something becomes popular from a consumer perspective, it isn’t just sales that sharply increase.  The things you need to make them become highly sought after, too.

So it is with cupcakes, that while we buy cupcakes to enjoy with our morning coffee and in boxes to indulge ourselves at the weekends, baking our own is also fast becoming a massive hobby among many people.  In addition to being great fun, there are plenty of other advantages that you can get from making your own cupcakes.

You Save Money

Chances are that if you’re grabbing a cupcake when you’re in a hurry, you probably aren’t too concerned with the price you’re paying for them.  If you make your own, even if you have an initial outlay to allow for the buying of equipment, you’re quickly going to find that it pays for itself and saves you a lot of money in the long-term.

You Can Make Your Own Flavours

Everyone, whether it is related to cupcakes, pizza, or another favourite food we might have, hasthought “what if we could get it in this flavour.”

An exciting advantage of making your own cupcakes is that you pretty much have a blank canvas when it comes to the flavours you want to create.  Granted, you’re likely to create some flavours that aren’t the best tasting in the world, but that’s part of the fun.  Whether it’s peanut butter and jelly flavouring, or actually looking at using jelly as a topping, for example, you can play around and do whatever you want.

You Can Make as Many as You Want

Making your own cupcakes means that you’re in charge, and can do whatever you want to.  Which means if you want to make 50 cupcakes, you can go away and do it, as long as you have a bowl big enough for the mixture and a great system for getting them all in the oven.

This is useful if you need cupcakes for a special occasion; you can make exactly what you need and also benefit from not having to pay a small fortune or be restrained to buying particular types of cupcake or flavours.

Your Friends & Colleagues Will Envy You

Everyone will envy you because you always have a cupcake on hand, and if you are able to master great tasting cupcakes you’ll find you enjoy huge popularity.  You might even find yourself in a position where you can start to follow a new career path as a cupcake entrepreneur!

Stranger things have happened, and you’d probably be surprised how quickly you warm to the idea if you’re able to make great cupcakes.

What do you think are the advantages of making your own cupcakes?  If you aren’t making your own cupcakes, are you now inspired to go away and try it for yourself?  Tell us about your own cupcake experiences now!