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What Would People Like To See On Their Favourite Food Websites?
Published at 7 Jan 2014


 Rose Basket and Buttercream Swirls

Internet browsers use many popular food websites on a regular basis.  What are they looking for when deciding which sites they’re going to use.


Unsurprisingly, recipes are the main reason people look at food websites, with 91% of people saying this is what motivates them to get onto a site.  Finding a great food website featuring recipes means you never have to buy a cookbook or a magazine again, as everything you need is on your laptop or mobile screen.  The only thing you need to be careful of now is covering your iPhone in ingredients!

“How to” Guides

Two thirds of people say finding “How to” guides on food websites is important to them.  Many would think that a recipe and a guide is much the same thing, so what’s the difference?

Well, a guide is useful when there are extra tips and techniques that might not be obvious from reading the recipe.  Many recipes just tell you what you need and assume you are just going to get on with it, while a guide walks you through each step and ensures you’re creating what you want to, and not something that barely resembles it.


Whether it is reviews of restaurants, reviews of particular dishes, or reviews of cooking kit and equipment, people simply love reading reviews on food websites!  51% of people use food websites for this reason, reckoning that a recommendation or forum post is a great way to make their own decision.

Are the other 49% reading reviews when they are there but ignoring them, or are they of an increased sense of adventure and enjoy discovering everything for themselves?


Just over a third of people look for videos on food websites, and given how useful they can be alongside a guide or a recipe, it’s easy to see why.  The only trouble you might have with videos is if you like following along in “real time” but you’re making something new for the first time.  If that applies to you, make sure you watch the video through before getting started, although you can still have it playing while you cook up your recipe.

Online Stores & Price Comparisons

20% of people like to find these features within food websites, which is probably a surprisingly low number given how convenient it is to find a site where you can look at a recipe and then easily add them to your basket through a link or their own online store.

What features do you look for on food websites, and which do you rate as the most important?


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