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What Occasion Is A Cupcake Perfect For?
Published at 8 Jan 2014


Happy Birthday Cupcakes 

The popularity of cupcakes is growing, with more people taking to social media to share their own creations as well as to talk about the great cupcakes they’ve bought from the local coffee shop.  What are the occasions cupcakes are best suited to?

None Needed

That’s the spirit!  A true cupcake lover knows you need no excuse to indulge yourself.  Over two-thirds of people believe that you should enjoy cupcakes whenever the feeling grabs you.  For some, this means on the way into work, at lunchtime, and then at weekends when they’re relaxing with their kids.  Others might be less committed to the cupcake cause, but don’t love them any less.  That said, they might be more liable to buying big boxes than just one every now and then!


One of the reasons for the exploding popularity of cupcakes is that people are realising loads of birthday cakes are better than one.  47% of people believe cupcakes are perfect for birthday parties, many of them no doubt parents who have tired of having parties for their kids and feeling the pressure of cutting up one cake into 20 equally sized pieces!

If you get creative, you can even personalise each cake for your guests as a way of saying thanks.

Other Celebrations

Whether it’s a new job, graduating, or celebrating the birth of a new baby, 36% of people think cupcakes are perfect for other non-specific celebrations.  Given the number of people who don’t need any excuse, we’d have to agree with this entirely!

Thank You Gift

We’ve already touched on the idea of using your cupcakes to say thank you on your birthday, but what about giving them as a thank you gift on a wider scale?  A great idea might be to use them to thank work colleagues – you can’t buy something expensive for everyone, after all – and your child’s teacher will probably appreciate and remember them more than vouchers, flowers, and the other “samey” things that they’re deluged with at the end of the school year.

What do you think is the perfect occasion for cupcakes, or are you in the large number of people who is determined to love them whatever the day, whatever is happening?


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