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What Items Do People Like In Christmas Hampers?
Published at 7 Jan 2014


Rudolph Double Value Gift Box 

While Christmas hampers are always a gratefully received gift, those of us who have been given one can relate to the experience of hoping that there is going to be certain things to be found inside.  Some of us have even won competitions for Christmas hampers and can feel a tinge of disappointment if they don’t contain what we really wanted.

What are the items that people prefer to find in their Christmas hampers?


Unsurprisingly for a Christmas product, chocolate leads the way, with 92% of people saying they’d want chocolate in their hamper.  We’re talking high quality chocolate here, too, not an own brand bar from the local shop!  One thing’s for sure, and that is it is difficult to top high quality chocolate; you can taste the quality when you’re eating a great brand.


Another festive favourite, biscuits aren’t as popular as chocolate, but 63% of people still look for them when unwrapping and digging around in a hamper.  Much like the chocolate, there’s a big difference in quality when it comes to the two ends of the biscuit market.  If you’re buying a Christmas hamper for someone this year, look for shortbreads and other seasonal biscuit types rather than run of the mill varieties.

Champagne & Wine

The great thing about champagne and wine is that they’re usually in large bottles, so you can see them straight away if you’re getting excited about your hamper.  Of course, you can get miniature bottles, too, which tend to be popular in “all round” hampers that are priced at the lower end of the market.  If you shop the most expensive Christmas hampers, expect to find iconic brands like Moet and vintage wine varieties, too.


Love for cupcakes has exploded in recent years.  If it isn’t a shop selling them by the box-full it is the TV cookery show explaining how to make them.  While you can get cupcakes in hampers you buy, they are a great idea if you are putting your own hamper together.  You could even do a hamper filled with just cupcakes if you’re buying for a large family or shopping for someone with a particularly sweet tooth.


Have you spotted the theme regarding the kinds of things people are looking for yet?  Sweets are a much-loved aspect of a Christmas hamper, especially if they’re seasonal sweets, boiled, or have something unique about them.  Bags of luxurious handmade sweets work especially well in a hamper; we’ll leave it up to you whether you buy these or have a go making them yourself!

What do you look for when buying or receiving a Christmas hamper?  Do you personalise your hampers and make any of the gifts inside yourself, or do prefer to play it safe and buy them fully made up?



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