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What Is The Most Popular Cupcake Flavour?
Published at 7 Jan 2014


 Flavoured Cupcakes

Everybody loves cupcakes!  Such is their attraction that many people don’t spend a lot of time actually thinking about cupcakes, but when they walk past a shop window or are waiting to pick up their morning coffee they tend to be seduced, some easier than others!

The colours of the cupcake itself, the wrapper, and any topping are all part of the attraction, as is the way shops cleverly display them and put them in front of you while you wait.  They’re impossible to resist, especially if they’re freshly baked!

We all have our personal favourites when it comes to flavour, and many of us even have wild and wacky tastes that lead us to make our own cupcakes.  What are the most popular cupcake flavours?


It’s probably no surprise to see chocolate at the top of the list.  Nearly 50% of people choose chocolate as their leading flavour.  Part of the allure of chocolate cupcakes, whether they’re full chocolate or a plan cupcake with chocolate chips in the mixture and on top, is that nothing accompanies an early coffee better.  Facing the deluge of emails in your inbox is easier when you have the comfort of a chocolate cupcake on your desk.


While some people think of lemon as something you put in your drink when you need refreshing after a heavy night out, 26% of people also name it as their favourite cupcake flavour.  Where chocolate is definitely a morning comfort, the zest and vigour of lemon makes it perfect for adding a sweet treat to lunch, although you can’t pass it off as one of your five-a-day!


There are many ways to enjoy a strawberry cupcake, which is the preferred flavour of 7% of people.  Cupcakes with sweet sugary icing are great after a meal in the evening, while those with strawberry pieces included in them work well throughout the day.  The best ones are those where the strawberry is in with the cake mix, giving a distinct red or pink colouring to the cake itself, plus icing, sprinkles, and everything else!


Banana is probably the most unusual flavour on this list but is another that 7% of people would call their first cupcake love.  We guess it’s a little bit like having banana medicine when you’re a child; you don’t like the sound of it but once you’ve tried it you ask for it every time.  Why not try a banana cupcake?

What’s your favourite flavour?


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