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What Is The Main Reason People Buy Cupcakes?
Published at 7 Jan 2014


Little Nippers Cupcakes 

Whether it is the number of cupcake shops and independent bakers around today, the way they’re featured on almost every TV cookery show, or the number of people you see eating them, it is obvious that cupcakes are hugely popular.

Clearly, there’s a reason why people are buying them, but what are the main ones?

Just Because

Oddly enough, over two thirds of people don’t need a specific reason to buy cupcakes; they just love them so much that they’re going to buy them no matter what.  This means that most people are buying cupcakes on the way to work, at lunchtime, or simply just to enjoy during the evenings and weekends.  We all know that everyone loves cupcakes, so why should we need a reason to indulge ourselves in our favourite cupcake flavours?


We guess the reasoning here is that lots of cakes are better than one, and it also makes it easier if you have people at your birthday party or kids liable to get upset because another one has extra icing or they’re convinced their piece is smaller than everyone else’s.

You can also create a great display with cupcakes and they’re easy to spot from distance, not to mention if someone touches one you can instantly say, “That’s yours!”

Celebratory Occasions

Okay, so we know that birthdays are a celebration, but they’re also a very specific event.  There are many things that we might celebrate that aren’t considered “big days” to the wider world, like new jobs, finding out you’ve won some money, or getting exam results.  People are increasingly buying cupcakes as a way to mark their special occasions and achievements outside of the traditional days.

As a Thank You Gift

Cupcakes have immense power when it comes to spreading the love, and as a modern day thank you gift there are few things better.  What makes them appeal is that they are so much different to everything else that is generally given.  There are only so many bunches of flowers and boxes of chocolates – as nice and as thoughtful as they are – that people receiving thanks can endure, and cupcakes are a great way to change it up and buy something unique for someone you want to thank.

What is the main reason you buy cupcakes?  Are you one of the 67% who can’t resist them and simply has to buy one when you see them, or do you save yourself for buying cupcakes for specific occasions?


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