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What Do People Want From The Perfect Cupcake?
Published at 7 Jan 2014


 Malteser Cupcakes

The huge popularity of cupcakes – if you haven’t seen them in a shop window or café near you, you need to get out more – means you can get your hands on one whenever a craving for a sweet treat takes you over.  Like with anything where there is high availability, you can get some amazing cupcakes and ones that aren’t so good.  Admittedly, the ones in the second category might be mainly the ones you make yourself (no offence to the skilled cupcake bakers out there!).

What are people looking for from the perfect cupcake?


As the old cliché goes, the proof is in the pudding, and 80% of people certainly think that’s the case when it comes to a cupcake.  After all, if the flavour isn’t there, what can you enjoy?  Many cupcake devourers who work in offices might not pay too much attention to the flavour, especially if they are rinsing it down quickly with their third coffee of the day.


Is it a case that, when it comes to flavour and texture, you cannot have one without the other?  While just under 40% of people cite the texture as part of their perfect cupcake, is a nice fluffy cake all it should be if there isn’t a great kicking taste behind it?  How often do you say a cake tastes great but it might be too dry or soggy?

While fewer people think the texture is important, those who think it is surely rate it alongside the flavour.


This proves once and for all that cupcake decorations aren’t just there for show.  Or does it, in fact, prove that they are there for show?  One in three people think decorations on a cupcake are important, presumably because the better the cake looks, the more likely they are to buy it?

If only there was something to say whether the best tasting cakes were those with the best decorations.  That might prove what they’re good for either way.

What is important to you?  Clearly, most people think the flavour of their cupcakes is important, but you don’t know what it tastes like until you eat it, do you?  Is it the case you buy a cupcake because you associate chocolate or your favourite flavour with pleasure, or do you think about other things, too?