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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Bradford’s Bakers
Published at 11 Feb 2014


Valentines Day Gift Tower

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching the last thing you want to do is find yourself heading to the shops late at night on the afternoon of February 13th and having to choose from what’s left, rather than being able to buy something that you actually want to get for a loved one.

Shopping online is one way to avoid this happening to you, and here at Bradford’s Bakers we have a whole range of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will stop you buying questionable last minute gifts and enable you to always impress your loved one.

Here are some of our favourite suggestions you might want to consider.

Cupcake Collections

Baking your own cupcakes is always exciting, but if you just don’t have the time to do it then buying them is always a great idea, too.  You could even have them delivered to yourself and then pass them off as your own: we won’t hold it against you!

We have a wide range of cupcakes you can choose to buy for your partner, from Valentine’s inspired cupcakes to ‘monster’ cakes and everything in between.  If you just want to buy cupcakes without them being red and lovey, we can do that, too!  Get your cupcakes personalised to show that some thought went into your purchase and let your partner know they haven’t received the same gifts as hundreds of others!

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

While buying yourself a chocolate tower is fun, who really wants to spend time doing that when you can get chocolate dipped strawberries straight out of the box and enjoy them with icing and even their own toppings?

Here at Bradford’s Bakers you can buy chocolate dipped strawberries as a Valentine’s Day gift on their own or combine them with flowers.

Gift Towers

If you want something that can either be aimed towards Valentine’s Day as well as being a great gift idea for other times of the year, then a gift tower is where you should be looking.  You can get gift towers that come with candy or a cute, romantic teddy bear, as well as an edible shoe!  If you’re unsure about what to buy, a gift like this gives you several products in one.

If gift towers aren’t for you, then what about a hamper with champagne and other treats, instead?

Grab your Valentine’s Day gift ideas here at Bradford’s Bakers and live without worry about whether you’ve bought the right thing.