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Top 5 Mothers Day Gifts
Published at 28 Feb 2014


Mothers Day Share Selection

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and people everywhere will be starting to “Think Mum” so they can grab the best gifts without needing to head out and panic buy the day or two before Mother’s Day itself.

If you’re going to be searching online for Mother’s Day gifts or are heading out for a look around the shops, here are the top five Mother’s Day gift ideas you should be keeping in mind at all times.


If you don’t know about how big cupcakes have become over the last couple of years – we’re talking on the scale of world domination – then we’ll forgive the fact you’ve probably been living under a rock and encourage you to simply head out and feel the love for yourself.

The great thing about cupcakes, especially at Mother’s Day, is that there aren’t going to be any preconceptions about them.  You can simply go for the best tasting, sweetest cakes for Mum, whatever she loves.  If you’re feeling brave, you could even make some yourself.

Fine Wines or Champagne

Alcohol is always a popular gift, but if you’re going to give it you have to do it right.  You can’t give your Mum four cans of lager, can you?!

The way to get it right is with a fine wine or champagne.  Naturally, the more expensive the better, but whatever you buy will always be much appreciated.


Simple, effective, and always loved by women whatever the occasion, flowers are a great Mother’s Day buy, especially if you can find a good florist who’ll deliver them on the day itself.  This isn’t always possible, however, so just look for those that give you the widest choice of flowers for you to treat your Mum.  Like the cupcakes, there aren’t any preconceptions here, you just pick whatever she loves.


If you’re following, you’ll have noticed there’s something of an indulgent theme when it comes to our favourite Mother’s Day gifts.  And why not?!

Luxurious chocolate is always the best; something to savour but not so good that you feel guilty about eating it.  Luxurious chocolate for Mother’s Day is comfort eating in style, and something everyone can enjoy.

Luxury Hampers

If you’ve got this far and still can’t make your mind up about the best gift for Mum, then a hamper is the answer to your prayers.  You might feel like it’s cheating, because you’re putting all the gift ideas into one, but in reality you’ll be giving your Mum a top selection of all the amazing gifts that are available.  It isn’t your fault your Mum is so great that you couldn’t choose “just one,” is it?