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The Top 5 Baking Websites
Published at 7 Jan 2014


 Gingerbread Man Cake Pops

90% of people say they use websites to find recipes and gain inspiration for their baking.  What are the websites that these 90% are commonly using?

BBC Good Food

Nearly two thirds of passionate bakers use the BBC Good Food website to find great recipes, and given that there are 30 different types of food categories featured under the “Baking” section alone, it is easy to see why.

All of the recipe pages have forum sections at the bottom so you can tell others what you thought of the recipe, or what you did to customise it and turn it into something unique.  The site also features a number of baking related “how to” guides as well as baking suggestions for special occasions.

Huffington Post Food

The Huffington Post Food site contains news, food safety tips, expert baking advice from some of the world’s leading chefs, and over 2,000 recipes for baking.  The site features great “taste buttons” that you can use to tell it what your reaction to eating the recipe was, while also highlighting similar recipes so you can experiment with your own inspirations or continue working with the recipes on the website.

MSN Food

MSN Food is a place where anyone can go to get all their food-related information.  They work in partnership with Sainsbury’s and each recipe features handy “Cook’s Tips” that act as guides for when you’re creating the dishes, although there are also “how to” guides to be found on the website.

Unfortunately, the site doesn’t yet link to Sainsbury’s, which is a bit of an own goal considering they make a big thing about their partnership, and there’s no forum feature within recipes, either.  Despite this, it’s a great site to use if you’re looking for inspiration and want a clear, to the point guide for baking numerous recipes.

Food Blogger Connect

Food Blogger Connect is an industry blog that allows bakers and those passionate about all forms of cooking to find out about the latest news as well as register and discover more about the actual Food Blogger Connect event.  All of their entries link to other great food sites, so you’ll always find yourself with something to explore and recipes to find.


UKTV Food is well known for its Good Food channel and round the clock coverage of great cooking shows and the website is a brilliant resource, too.  There’s over 1,000 recipes along with guides and videos to help you get your cakes, pies, cookies, and anything else you bake 100% right.  You’re also introduced to similar recipes allowing you to use the same ingredients and method but with a different finishing touch, and the site even tells you how difficult it is to cook from a technical perspective, allowing novices to have fun as much as baking masters!

Which websites do you use to find recipes, guides, and other food related information?


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