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The Most Popular Things To Bake At Home
Published at 7 Jan 2014


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Home baking is becoming more popular all the time, and at great pace.  One only has to look at the number of independent bakers shops and websites popping up selling a range of baking kits, as well as expanding sections in supermarkets, to see how big home baking is today.

Baking could encompass many things, so what are the most popular things to bake at home?


Over a third of people say that cookies are their favourite thing to bake.  It’s easy to see why, all you need to do is make the cookie dough, and you can put it straight onto the baking tray, no shapes, or additional kit, needed if you don’t want to use them!

Beginner bakers tend to like baking cookies because it’s quite difficult for anything to go dramatically wrong, and it is easy to experiment with different tastes, too.


The popularity of cupcakes is surging, and more people than ever before are inspired to come up with their own pretty creations.  A quarter of people label cupcakes as their favourite thing to bake.  Creative individuals tend to love baking cupcakes, as they can get intricate and create pretty designs and stock their cupboard with various toppings and varieties of icing.


Those who aren’t ready to graduate onto the detail needed to make truly stunning cupcakes are sticking to baking traditional cakes, which is favoured by just over a fifth of people.  The great thing about baking cakes is that you can choose to make whatever you like, from a simple sponge to something filled with fruit.  You can then add fillings, toppings, or even layers to your cake to get the finished product you want.


One in nine people say bread is their favourite thing to bake at home, although whether they do it all themselves “from scratch” or take the “cheating route” and use a bread making machine, we’re unsure.  What we do is that fresh, home baked bread smells incredible, and it is definitely something everyone should try.

What are your favourite things to bake when you have some time in the kitchen; or what are you going to get started with first if you’ve newly discovered your passion for baking?




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