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The Best Ways To Find Top Baking Recipes
Published at 7 Jan 2014


 Ladybird Cake


The popularity of baking at home is growing all the time, particularly as people get inspired to come up with their own recipe ideas and unique tastes.  Some people have even managed to turn a baking hobby into a well-earning profession.  Where are people finding the inspiration for their recipes?


Websites are easily the best place to find baking recipes.  The great thing about modern cookery sites is that they provide their own recipes for you to go away and try, but also feature forums and features, often within the original recipe, where registered users can post comments as well as their own recipes they’ve made.  As these recipes are then tested, more get added, and a great website community is created.

Recipe websites have unlimited potential; use them if you want to get baking!

Recipe Books

Many people might dismiss recipe books as being “old-school,” but there’s a reason why they are still some of the best-selling books in stores, especially around festive periods.  You also get to choose whether you want to buy a recipe book from a particular chef or whether you just want a general baking guide.

Several bakers now commission their own books to be written, and while they don’t giveaway their best recipes they do share some great tips to help you create beautiful food.


Magazines are still a popular place to get new baking recipes, with many balancing exclusive content between their print editions and website.  Most baking and general cooking magazines, similar to websites, have features where you can send in your own creations and recipes, too, and receive feedback on them.


Although cookery shows have taken on more of a game show format in recent years, they are still a great place to get recipes, as long as you have a set top box that allows you to pause and playback.  Many television shows also act as a gateway to online platforms where you can also find information on what the recipe is and how you can make it.

Where do you get your recipes from, and do you find any platforms more beneficial than others?


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