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How To Make A Giant Cupcake
Published at 25 Feb 2014


Minnie Giant Cupcake

Whoever said size doesn’t matter obviously doesn’t like cake.  Whenever you see giant cupcakes or similar products on the television or in magazines, you probably think that something magical has had to happen to make such a product a reality.  While making giant cakes does take a little extra effort, all things considered you don’t need to be a genius to do it.  Anyone can make a giant cupcake if they have the willing to do so.

Here’s how it’s done.

Getting the Equipment

You should be able to use your existing equipment for making giant cupcakes in terms of mixing, but you will need a giant cupcake tin to go into your oven.  Once you have it, you can make giant cupcakes whatever the occasion.

Most giant cupcake tins will come in two parts so you can bake the base and the top of the cake separately.  This creates a better cake than if you just create one big one and also allows you to decorate the cake much easier.

Buy yourself a bottle of cake release spray so you can apply it to the tin before cooking.  You can’t get giant cupcake cases so you need to be able to get your mixture out in one piece!  Use a brush to ensure the whole inside of your tin is covered.

Making the Mixture

You don’t need to do anything differently when you’re making the mixture other than calculate the correct proportions when increasing the volume of the recipe ingredients that you use.  Depending on the size of the tin you’re using, double volumes are usually sufficient although you might want to increase it to three times the amount.

Once you have created your cupcake mixture, you should put it in the oven at 190C and bake for about an hour, maybe a little less or a little longer depending on how much you’ve made.  Keep a close eye on your cake as it bakes to get an idea of when it will be done.

Putting the Cake Together & Decoration

Depending on the type of cake you’re creating you can decorate the parts separately or stick the two together and then decorate it from there.  

Whether you do it now or later, an easy way to stick the two parts together is simply to beat an egg and then use it as paste.  Easy, but also boring, so if you want to add taste use jam or even icing to stick the two together.

When topping the cake, simply follow the same principles as when making it in the first place – double or treble the volumes you’re using and keep an eye on the consistency as you normally would to create the icing or topping you want, and you’ll quickly have the perfect giant cupcake.