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How To Create A Special Mothers Day Cake
Published at 28 Feb 2014


Mothers Day Cake

What exactly is a Mother’s Day cake?

That question is the beauty of Mother’s Day baking, in that you could decide to create anything you want.  We’ve decided to share with you a great cheesecake recipe that will enable you to create a beautiful tasting treat for Mother’s Day.  Quick, easy, and no cooking needed.  Perfect!

What You Need

  • 200g biscuit crumbs.  Pick biscuits of your choice; malted milk ones are best.
  • 100g of salted butter, melted.
  • 5 tablespoons of caster sugar.
  • 600g of full fat soft cheese.  Go for 300g tubs if possible so you can split evenly, a brand like Philadelphia works great and is better than soft cheese from the supermarket deli counter.
  • 300ml double cream.
  • 300g of white chocolate, melted.
  • 200g of milk chocolate, melted.
  • 2 tablespoons of malt powder.
  • Bag of Maltesers, Smarties, or another chocolate confectionary treat of your choice for the topping.

How to Make It

Ideally, you’ll have a loose bottomed round tin between 20 – 23cm that you can use for baking your cake.  Line the tin with baking paper.  With your biscuit crumbs, melted butter, and two tablespoons of your caster sugar, create a mixture and press it into the base of your tin.  Place this in the fridge to chill and set while you do the rest.

Now, you need two bowls.  Both need equal amounts of the soft cheese and double cream.  You need to add the white chocolate to one bowl.  In the other, add the remaining caster sugar, the malt powder, and the milk chocolate.  Both bowls need to be whisked until smooth; an electric mixer will do the job to perfection.

Remove your pressed biscuit base from the fridge and place on the side.  Add the mixture with the milk chocolate first, spreading evenly and being sure to get it right around the edges of the tin so it sets correctly.  Add the white chocolate mixture to the top and finish with your chocolate topping.

Put your cake in the fridge, and leave to chill and set.  This is usually best when left for at least five hours, so get it made fresh on Mother’s Day morning ready to be eaten after lunch.