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How Popular Is Baking?
Published at 7 Jan 2014


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Shops, television shows, newspapers, and magazines are making a habit of putting delicious baked goods in front of our faces.  We’re told that baking is more popular than ever before, but exactly how popular is it?

How Often do People Bake?

The best way to discover the true popularity of baking is undoubtedly to discover how often they bake.  If you were to just ask people if they enjoy baking, you’d probably find a lot of people would say yes, but this doesn’t mean they actually do it.

When Most People Bake

One third of people say they bake roughly once a month.  This might typically be at the beginning or the end of the month when they have disposable income to spend on baking products, although those that have taken up baking as a serious hobby will mark their baking day in their calendar or diaries and make sure they commit to it.

People who bake once a month bake for themselves as well as for others and will bake a variety of things.

Weekly Bakers

Just under a quarter of people claim to bake 4 – 5 times a month, making them weekly bakers.  It is safe to say people in this category are bakery lovers who need no excuse to either bake their own cupcakes or other products, or buy them from the store.

Weekly bakers often take their creations to work or to their child’s school; some offices even host Monday morning “cake offs” to see who has made the best ones; all friendly competition, of course!

More Than Once, But Not Weekly

15% of people say they bake between 1 – 3 times a month.  These tend to be sporadic bakers who might do it when they’re bored or are trying to get into baking from a hobby perspective.  People who bake 1 – 3 times a month might be parents who bake with their children but also enjoy the reduced mess and stress doing it themselves when the kids are at school!

How often do you bake, and when you bake, what do you bake?