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How Popular Are Christmas Hampers?
Published at 7 Jan 2014


Vixen Family Christmas Hamper

Christmas hampers are a brilliant present to give someone.  Some people dislike the idea behind hampers because they can be expensive, but we all have the choice over which hampers we want to buy, and no one said you had to get a huge one, after all.  The great thing about them is that they can potentially serve as lots of presents rolled into one, with the things within the hamper often lasting a long time after Christmas, meaning the lucky recipient has a lasting memory of their great gift.

So How Popular are They?

A third of people have purchased a hamper as a Christmas gift for someone else.  That might not seem like a high number, but considering hampers have been around for years but are only really starting to become well-known and popular, it isn’t as low a number as you might expect to see.

You also have to consider that they’re called Christmas hampers; they tend to be popular around seasonal periods, and not so much during the rest of the year, so for a third of people to think of a hamper when they probably don’t think about it the rest of the year proves how good they can be.

What Sort of Hampers Can You Get?

This is another big benefit of hampers; they can include whatever you want.  You can get traditional food hampers, “all in one” hampers that include champagne, food, and even toiletries, and hampers that are one specific thing, like a selection of liquors, cakes, or chocolate.  Some hampers even include spa and gift experience days, truly making them stand out as a great gift.

They are also available in a variety of sizes, with relatively small hampers available at a low cost, with some of the more expensive ones costing thousands of pounds, although those in this price range tend to contain higher end products rather than large volumes of them.

A Worthwhile Gift?

There’s no doubt that Christmas hampers are a great gift – remember you can get the basket and fill it yourself if you want to add the personal touch – and will become more popular in the future as increasing numbers of people understand the benefits and opportunities when you give one.

Are you one of the 33% who has bought a Christmas hamper for someone, or have you not previously but are looking to change that this year?


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