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How Do You Get Into Baking?
Published at 6 Jan 2014


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Baking is currently enjoying a resurgence of popularity; more people are taking up baking than have done for many years.  When you think about your own baking, how often do you think about what inspired you to get started with baking?  What was the trigger that got you into the kitchen with the oven on and baking ingredients and kit all around you?

Self-Taught Bakers

41% of bakers are self-taught “from scratch.”  It tends to be the case that the very best chefs and creative cooks are self-taught, because they haven’t become stuck working within certain rules and parameters and feel they have more of a license to do whatever they please.  If it wasn’t for self-taught bakers who are willing to take a risk while getting creative, we probably wouldn’t have some of the weird and wonderful varieties of cakes we see so often today.

Taught by Relatives

Just under a third of people say relatives inspired their baking passion.  Those who were taught by relatives will often have been done so from a young age, and baking became a hobby and a passion that they subsequently carried through life.

Today, there are even cookery programmes aimed at parents and their children that are designed to inspire discovery of baking and other cooking techniques within the family.  Many bakers have fond memories of cooking with relatives when they were younger, and it is a passion that is easy to pass down through generations.

Recipe Books

A quarter of people who love baking got into it by reading recipe books.  The best examples of these make it very easy for you to go to the shops, buy what you need, and quickly get started.  The one problem those who follow recipe books might have is that they can get stuck doing the same things time and again, but if that’s what they love doing then who’s to stop them?

Modern recipe books are actually set up to get you thinking; today’s new releases often have three or four ideas and alternatives you can try, as well as websites and other resources you can look at for inspiration.

How did you discover your passion for baking?  Are you a self-taught supremo or did you have years of baking with your parents or grandparents to give you your grounding?


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