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Five Easy Ways To Decorate A Cake
Published at 18 Feb 2014


Jellybean Cocktail Cupcakes 

Anyone can bake a cake; it’s actually quite easy to do, but no less fun at the same time!  While making the cake itself is straightforward, many people struggle to decorate their cake exactly how they’d wish.  For many people, even looking at their cake leaves them devoid of ideas.

What are the five easiest and best ways to decorate a cake?

Surround and Stick

If your mastery of cake baking stretches little further than slopping icing over the top, then this is a great way to make your cake appear better than it might be.

Take your cake, surround it with ribbon in your own or your child’s favourite colour, and then add bunny rabbit, doggy, or whatever faces you like.  You might even make your own animal faces to stick to a cake if you’re better at art than you are at decorating cakes!

In addition to ribbon you can also buy ready-made cake surrounds, with some that are even edible so saving you having to expose your cake for what it really is!

Use Fruit

If you’ve never tasted fruit on the top of a cake, used as an alternative to traditional sprinkles on the top of icing, then you’re missing out.  Not only is this extremely easy to do, it looks brilliant and will add something healthy to a cake that may be filled with sugar.

Fruit is refreshing, too, which will balance nicely against a cake that can sit heavily on the stomach, although be warned that it will leave you craving more.

Powdered Sugar

This is right up there with surround and stick when it comes to a simple decorating solution.  Whether you use a specific shape or simply arrange knives on the top of your cake to create the pattern you’re looking for, all you need is powdered sugar, a sieve, and you’re ready to go.

Simple, effective, and everyone will be amazed at how you make even the easiest idea look brilliant.

Use Candy Coating

Admittedly, this probably isn’t something you’d want to do for a child’s party cake as the sugar content will go through the roof, but it will give you a great looking cake and allow you to be somewhat creative without making a total mess.

Buy a sweet like Skittles or Smarties, and when your cake is covered in icing, stick them on while the icing is drying.  If you want an elaborate design you’ll need to spend time segregating the colours, but it’s a mightily effective way to create something fun out of an everyday confectionary product.

Use Toys

Toys are a popular thing to put on cupcakes for children’s parties because the toy then becomes a gift for each child to take away, but if you’ve made a big cake and you’re really struggling there’s nothing to stop you using them here, either.  We’d suggest sticking to dinosaurs or farm animals rather than things like Lego, but you have full creative licence here to do whatever you please.