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The Best Looking Cupcakes of 2013
Published at 31 Jan 2014


English Country Garden Cupcakes


If you love cupcakes, like we do, then you probably spent much of the last year munching down on them whether it was a special occasion or just something yummy to enjoy with your coffee in the office.

A New Year means your local coffee shops and cupcake suppliers will undoubtedly be stocking up on exciting new flavours and types of cupcake.  With this in mind, we’ve taken a look back on the best looking cupcakes of 2013.  Remember them, and remember to find a recipe for them if you’re no longer able to get them!

Burger Cupcakes

One of our favourite cupcakes of 2013 surely has to go down as an all-time great.  The “burger cupcake” basically took three pieces of cake – two regular flavoured and one chocolate flavoured for the middle, the burger – and sandwiched them up with icing.  The cake we like best had pink and yellow icing to give the look of a bacon cheeseburger.  Such a cake became a big hit in 2013 at formal events and they can also be made easily by adventurous bakers.  We haven’t seen too many in shops yet, so why not experiment yourself and add some different fillings for 2014?

Vintage Cupcakes

If you follow fashion and style trends you’ll know all about the popularity of vintage, and it has spread to the world of cupcakes, which themselves are more popular than ever before.

What does a vintage cupcake look like?  Thankfully, it isn’t one that has been standing around since the 1950s!  All you do is make your cake and then top it with a classic vintage colour, such as turquoise or pink, and then add floral decorations.  Easy to make, and great tasting with it.

App Cupcakes

From a blast from the past to a look at the modern day.  App cupcakes caused a stir in 2013 and are likely to do so again this year.  What are they?  No, they aren’t apps that deliver cupcakes to your door – that would be good, though – but they’re cupcakes topped with marzipan and/or icing in the style of app icons.

Try making them yourself and see what your friends think when you present them with a Facebook or Temple Run themed cupcake!  The great thing is you can make them whatever flavour you want!

Bunny Cupcakes

If you love cute cupcakes then these are must find, but again they are great fun to create yourself.  The idea here is for a child friendly cupcake (easy on the sugar) with swirled icing on the top, finished with the candy bunny rabbit head.  If you get it right you can make the icing look like a blanket with the rabbit nicely tucked in and peeking out of the top.

Too cute!

What were your favourite cupcakes of 2013?  What will you be looking out for in the year ahead?