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Are Websites Giving Avid Bakers What They Need?
Published at 6 Jan 2014


DIY Cupcakes

90% of bakers say they use websites to help find great recipes.  Unsurprisingly, the roughly the same number say that they like to see recipes on such sites.  The popularity of these sites indicates that they are giving their browsers what they want.  As well as finding recipes, what else do websites give bakers, and what are they looking for?

“How to” Guides

Recipes are great when they are accompanied with a step-by-step “how to” guide, rather than just being a list of ingredients followed by a “throw in a bowl, mix, and cook” type of instruction.

Once you’ve done it a few times with the guide, it becomes second nature and you don’t have to use it anymore, but they’re always useful as a point of reference for bakers.  The best food websites all have “how to” guides featured with their recipes, in at least text form but also in video in many cases.  Over a third of bakers actively look for videos when finding websites to use as a resource.

Product Reviews

The power of a recommendation is impossible to overstate, which is why many bakers look at product reviews before making a purchase.  At the same time, it can often be the case that people are giving feedback, especially online, based on personal feelings and experiences, so they’re not always of the best quality.  To be fair to the popular cooking websites out there, however, they do a good job of providing them so avid bakers can take them or leave them.

Do Bakers Get What They Need?

While the two areas we’ve looked at are a large part of what avid bakers look for online, there are several others, including community forums, which are also considered important.  On balance, cooking websites provide an excellent pathway into baking given all the features the best ones have, and they work especially well if someone uses their own experiences, books, and magazines alongside a site to support their passion for baking.


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